Austin City Council Give Solar The Thumbs Up

Texas Solar GroupAustin City Council Give Solar The Thumbs Up

During a meeting which took place during the first week of February 2017, Austin City Council voted in favour of solar. This will provide Texans with even more job opportunities in the industry this year.

New Construction Will Need to be Solar Ready

In a striking move, the City Council have ruled that for any new construction of houses in Austin, these properties will now need to be solar ready. This proposal was certainly one of the hot topics of the evening and opinions were divided. However, one can’t ignore the influential presence of 5 major sponsors who were backing the program.

The main opposition for the solar ready plans came from the HomeBuilders Association. However, there was also visible resistance to the idea from Mayor Kathie Tovo who showed concerns regarding the language in the draft. There was also pushback to the solar ready project from Mayor Steve Adler who expressed his concerns about the future affordability of the solar systems across Texas, that being based on the assumption that this requirement would potentially result in an uplift of the cost.

Although most people would have expected there to be some sort of postponement, a clear decision was reached. Austin will now follow in the footsteps of Seattle and Houston, making it easy for people who are buying new houses to drop any range of solar system panels onto their roof in an affordable and efficient way.


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