Texas Enjoys 97% Growth in Solar Energy

Texas Solar GroupIf the report by the Solar Energy Industries Association is anything to go by, Texas residents can look forward to some bright times ahead. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the solar power connections in 2016 experienced a 97% increase from the previous year’s results. This is an indication that more homeowners and businesses are keen on making the shift to clean renewable energy.

In utility-scale solar connections, Texas is currently the leader of the whole country, especially after CPS Energy renewed their rooftop solar rebate program to the tune of $15 million. In the Solar Market Insight Report for 2016, solar was earmarked as the top source of generating new electricity capacity in Texas. In fact, throughout the country, 14.8 gigawatts of solar power was injected into the national grid, with Texas contributing 672 megawatts.
One of the main reasons for the growth in the new connections in Texas, according to Solar Energy Industries Association CEO and President Abigail Ross Hopper was the reduction in prices. The cost of installing photovoltaic solar systems came down by almost 20% in 2016, making it one of the most impressive years in the history of the modern solar industry yet.

Other than prices dropping to significant lows, the number of new installations all over the country increased, and more jobs were created. More and more people are benefitting from solar installation now than at any other time in the past.

Given the innovative technology currently in use and the fact that constant advancement in solar technology is still going on, Texas residents and the rest of the country as a whole can only look forward to the future of solar systems with hope.

However, it is also projected that the increasing growth in solar installations might slow down in 2017 but significantly improve over the coming years as the prices reduce, and the residential projects increase.

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