Toyota of Texas – Building one of the Biggest On-Site, Commercial Solar Power Systems

Texas Solar GroupIt’s going to be in excess of over 8 Megawatts. This iconic solar power system is now being installed at the new headquarters in North America of Toyota, who are based in Plano, Texas. The announcement was made by the Toyota Corporation on April 10th, and the installation is going to roughly cover the same amount of space that would be taken up by ten football fields.

New Solar Installation for Texas

It is expected are going to take up some 20,000 panels which have been deployed by Sunpower. Their original plans were for a 7.75 MW system. However, that has already increased to 8.79MW. This installation is set to be the largest of its kind that is going into an on-site office by a non-utility business. Interestingly, the panels will be placed on top of a carport area, allowing staff to be still able to use the space, and being able to park their cars underneath.

As for how much benefit this is going to bring to the headquarters of Toyota in Texas; it is estimated that there will be enough energy generated from the installation to give an offset figure of around 33 percent back to the business.

A Strong Partnership

Sunpower and Toyota have been collaborating on different projects for almost 15 years now. They already operate similar systems across a range of sites belonging to Toyota. Since 2003 in Torrance, California, more than 50,000 square feet of the Rooftop at the Toyota building is covered in panels. Since 2008, also located in California but at the Ontario site, more than 50% of their operating costs have already been offset using solar panels. In West Caldwell, NJ, Sunpower have operated and 1.5MW Solar system since 2009.

For the Texas Solar venture, a private purchase agreement has been signed already by Toyota, this was arranged through Sunpower. With absolutely no cost upfront whatsoever, Toyota is financing this. It will allow them to purchase cut-price power from Sunpower, whilst still being allowed to keep the credit for the renewable energy that is linked to the system.

Needless to say, this is going to bring a boost to the area and also add value to the Toyota Headquarters that are located in Texas. The site, it seems, is now truly cementing its place as a prominent business in Texas and is set to stay here for a long time to come.

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