Texas Solar Group has been offering homeowners turn-key Solar solutions since 2010.  By providing our customers with in-depth consultations and professionally engineered Solar designs, going Solar has never been easier.  We provide the most detailed Solar Energy Efficiency Analysis to ensure that your system runs at peak performance, thus saving you thousands of dollars. By specializing in Residential Solar Installations, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality in technology and service.


Texas Solar Group was founded by a group of top engineering and construction professionals in their field.  Our Commercial Solar division provides the full spectrum of Solar services to commercial properties and businesses.  When it comes to Solar Installation and design for commercial properties, experience matters.  Commercial Solar projects require the expertise of experienced Engineers and Solar Installation members.  Unlike residential projects, commercial solar requires certain skills that not all Solar Companies can provide.  Contact us now to see how we can help.

When it comes to electric usage, the structure and needs of a commercial property is much more complex than the residential property side.  Through our energy bill evaluation and analysis, we will be able to walk you through the entire process.  Contact us now for a free consultation so that we can help you understand how much of a benefit Solar can be for your commercial property.

When it comes to Solar Electrical Services, Texas Solar Group has you covered. We will thoroughly evaluate your home’s main electrical breaker panel to make sure that it can handle the energy load supplied by the Solar Energy System.  The main electrical breaker panel plays a vital role in distributing the electricity fed from the Solar System into the various parts of your home. Breaker panels are different in every home, so making sure your electrical system’s compatibility is very important.

If your home’s main electrical panel isn’t compatible and cannot support the energy given off by the Solar System, it may need to be upgraded.  If this is the case, we will do an extensive examination and can take care of the upgrade process.

As the homeowner, you can always check the label sticker attach to the electric panel to find it’s amperage rating.  When the bus bar is 200 amps with a 200 amp breaker, the maximum allowable breaker size will be 40 amps, which is typically 10 kilowatt system size or less.  When a system is larger than 10 kilowatts, the main breaker will need to be replaced or updated.

Here’s what’s included in your Main electrical panel upgrade:

The Panel

Wall Stucco Repair

Labor and Materials

Separate city permit

Additional city inspection

When it comes to Solar, your home’s roof plays a vital role in the Solar Panel Installation process.  Prior to starting the Solar Panel Installation, we will do an analysis to make sure that your roof is in good enough condition to perform our installation.  If it is determined that it is not, then we will recommend replacing your roof during the Solar Project.

Currently there is a 30% federal tax credit that can be applied to new roofing projects, so if your property requires a new roof  we can take care of that for you during the Solar Installation.


If a partial re-roofing is being done, we will only replace the sections that are in need with premium roofing materials, so that we can keep the original look of your home.  Once the project is done, your roof’s integrity will be intact.


Roofing Services


Roofing for Solar Installation

Warranty – Texas Solar 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee

We understand that customers want to make sure they make the right decision in their solar investment. A Texas Solar Group we make sure your assets are protected. Protecting your assets does not end with a simple warranty. Our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee begins the day you sign your agreement.

We commit to using the highest quality materials and to provide excellence in engineering design and installation that is second to none. We do it right the first time and all the systems components are designed for the longest life, right down to the washers. We warranty your equipment and our workmanship and we guarantee a quick installation or we pay your electric bills!* It is that simple, and worry-free.

We commit to the best prices possible. This combined with the rest of our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee; you get the fastest return on your investment.

We also guarantee the production of your equipment,* and we offer a 20-warranty on labor and 25-years on the equipment* that is also bound by the equipment manufacturer. So you have two companies backing you.

More importantly than the warrantee itself, our efficient equipment and designs that cut down on the number of roof penetrations, while our highly trained installers keep our leak and equipment failure ratio to practically zero.

Lastly, we custom design your system, but we build it to be plug-and-play so you can rest at night knowing that almost anyone could repair or upgrade your system.

The more you find out about our designs, quality of equipment, installation and 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee, the more you will be happy you chose Texas Solar Group. Call today to find out more!