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Although solar panels are durable and durable, they are not immune to attack. The panels are built to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor use and may fail in the event that they are not properly maintained. Texas Solar Group is committed to making the process easier for customers through innovative solar panel cleaning tools. Our products can reduce your work load and extend the longevity of solar panels. Secure your solar equipment by using a reliable, dependable solution. The solar panel wash system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of our customers.

Multiple Control Options Flexible Control Options

Solar panels with different types have different requirements. Clean panels that are used in residential settings might not require a weekly or even monthly cleaning. Texas Solar Group‘s Solar Panel Cleaner is a fantastic help for panels in dirty and dusty surroundings. Cleansing solar panels is easy and adaptable. Cleaning can be accomplished in three ways:

Manual-based – Clients prefer to be in complete control of their cleaning schedule. Clients prefer to only clean their panels only when it is required or when they have a lot of dust. It may be beneficial to run your system after an extremely windy or stormy day. This flexibility allows customers to adapt their system to the specific needs of each individual.

Automated – This option is for clients who would prefer not to have to worry about anything. Clients can arrange cleaning times for a month or a week and our solar-powered cleaning equipment will handle the other tasks. You only need to choose one of the automated scheduling options in our solar-powered panel washer.

Pre-Programmed Scheduling is a great option for customers who require an option that is custom. In the event that your windows are located in an unclean and dry location You may want to clean them once every five days to ensure efficiency. It is possible to have flexibility and automation, and a custom schedule gives you the optimal of both. This feature is now available with our Solar Panel Washing Machine.

Ask our experts for more information regarding cleaning schedules. Before recommending a solution, they’ll ask you questions about your solar panel’s setup, installation, and usage.

Advantages of Solar Panel Production System

Many people don’t want to spend their money on items that they don’t need. Many solar panel owners believe that their system should be cleaned just once per year. Numerous studies have demonstrated that solar panels can be affected by inadequate maintenance and cleaning. Our robot provides easy, efficient cleaning that will improve the output that your solar panel. Let’s examine the advantages:

  • Ultra-Soft brushes - Texas Solar Group solar panel cleaners are made of ultra-soft bristles. They are soft on panels and clean up dust easily and efficiently.
  • Dry cleaning solution - Our solar panel washing machines do not make use of water to wash the panels. This reduces the possibility of damage as well as preserving water.
  • Lower operating costs – The machines require little maintenance or maintenance. Customers won’t need to worry about regular repairs or breakdowns so long as they stick to the manual.
  • SCADA-Responsive – Clients can manage the robot through connecting it to SCADA. The solar panel wash systems are also dependent on weather conditions and therefore they aren’t able to function in heavy rain.
  • Self-powered – Our solar panel cleaner also self-powered. It doesn’t require you recharge the battery or connect it to an electrical source. It will automatically charge itself when it is depleted of power and then shuts off.

The efficiency of solar panels is improved with a thorough cleaning of the panel at minimum once a year. Our solar panel cleaner is a fantastic option. It can prolong the life of your solar panel even more and help you reduce costs and boost your energy production. Texas Solar Group dry solar panel cleaner can ensure that you get the most out from your solar panel.

The Price of a Solar Cleaning Robot – What You Should Know

Permanent cleaning solutions are sought-after by many clients who want to ensure their solar system is in good condition. They want a durable effective, reliable and cost-effective solution, but are reluctant to spend an excessive amount of money on it. Texas Solar Group is a solar panel cleaning robot solution. The products result from more than three years of research and testing. They are constructed of from durable, high-quality materials so they will last for years. The price of our solar cleaning machine is well worth it.

Solar Panel Cleaning System Cost

The cost of solar cleaning is contingent on their size, number of modules, and the availability of cleaning products. Clients who own 1MW solar plants spend 2.5 to 3.5 just on maintenance, whereas 80% of the investment is spent on cleaning.

The traditional solar systems for cleaning use an abundance of pure water, which could result in them being expensive. According to some estimates, washing solar panels at a 1MW facility may require as much as 40 million Liters of pure water over the life of the plant.

The Texas Solar Group‘s Waterless cleansing solutions are more cost-effective and affordable. Our company’s Texas Solar Group solar panel cleaning robots cost is affordable. Dry cleaning machines don’t require any maintenance or care. If you contact us, our experts can provide an exact cost breakdown of the ownership. Our experts are on hand to answer any queries you might have regarding the cost of a solar cleaning robot.

Are Solar Panels worth it?

Over 1000 robotics were utilised as well as we’ve received repeat approval from 11 customers. Our specialists are certified to offer personalised recommendations and are aware of the way robots perform in real-world situations.

Here are a few good reasons solar panel cleaners are worth the price.

  • Increases efficiency of solar panels - Solar panel efficiency can be improved up to 5% through regular cleaning, depending on the location in which the project is being set up. Our solar module cleaning robot makes your investment more appealing. It’s worthwhile to invest in solar panel cleaning robot.
  • Durability - Dust can be corrosive and cause severe damage to solar panels. A system that is reliable and cleans the panels regularly can significantly extend their lifespan.
  • Automated - Texas Solar Group machines can be fully automated or semi-automatic. This means they don’t need a lot of manual work. There is no need to employ specialists or technicians to your team or hire a third party professional. The machine will automatically run if you have a schedule. Texas Solar Group offers a more effective cleaning solution as well as a lower price on solar panel cleaners.
  • Flexibility – Clients have the choice to follow a predetermined schedule or create their own cleaning plan. The system can be controlled manually or automatically.

These are only a few of the reasons why an automatic robot cleaner is well worth the initial investment.

What is included in the price of solar panel cleaning equipment?

We provide a complete estimate that includes all the costs that are involved in the development, design as well as the installation, operation as well as maintenance for solar panels cleaning. We aim to ensure that our clients can determine their budget on an accurate estimation. The estimate includes:

Assistance and Analysis – A seasoned team of consultants meets the clients with a discussion of their requirements and priorities. They answer questions, review solar plant blueprints and provide solutions. Our team will make sure that you get the most cost-effective and economical solar panel cleaning machines at the lowest prices.

The Design and Development phase – Once our team has received all necessary information, they will begin to design the custom design. Each PV plant needs an efficient, unique solution. While creating a customized configuration our engineers are knowledgeable and are willing to share their knowledge. SolaBot guarantees efficiency and affordability for solar panel cleaning equipment.

Testing - Product development is not complete without testing. Before a product is shipped to the customer it is subjected to extensive testing.

After the testing is completed with our approval, implementation will begin. All aspects of the installation are covered according to the procedure for commissioning and execution.

Texas Solar Group Solar Cleaning System

Our equipment can work effectively with little human intervention. For them to function properly they need only just a bit of attention. Customers won’t face any issues if they follow the instructions in the manual. Texas Solar Group provides consistent customer support. For maintenance, repairs or troubleshooting, you can contact our team of experts. We are available to answer any questions you might have about the solar panels washing machines.

Texas Solar Group is the most reliable source for reliable Solar Panel Cleaning Machine. We are happy to answer all your questions about our products and their effectiveness.

We are an experienced and veteran-owned solar panel cleaning service. We offer Residential Solar Cleaning as well as Efficiency Tests and Repair Consultations.

We are a leading solar panel cleaning company and maintenance throughout Las Vegas, Texas Solar Group .

Why Solar Panel Cleaning?

You can reduce your expenses and generate more energy.

To ensure optimal performance of the solar system it is crucial to clean the panels.

Solar panel efficiency is severely affected by dust, dirt, and other environmental pollutants. Studies have shown that PV panel performance can decline by as much as 20% without regular cleansing and maintaining.

Texas Solar Group is available to clean solar panels that are on your roof, solar carports and large underground solar arrays. Our experts will inspect the entire array, and provide more than a simple clean solar system.

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