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Tesla Powerwall has changed the solar energy industry with its ability to offer total grid independence to users. With Powerwall, you can store your solar energy for later use. This system is sleek and advanced, offering an easy-to-use app for users to toggle between energy modes. This allows for customized energy consumption day and night.

Tesla Powerwall Fort Worth
Tesla Powerwall Fort Worth
Price     $6500
51%    Self-powered
49%    Grid-powered
1 day  Continuous power during an outage

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Site Survey

An installer will visit your property to survey the installation site and give recommendations.

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Installation Fees

Installation fees can be bundled into system price.

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We offer an inclusive warranty to protect your system.

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We have a team of installers with years of experience.

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Full SGIP Rebates

Our team will apply for SGIP rebates when you choose to install a Powerwall, saving you money in the long run.

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Install Advantages Over Tesla


NO Site evaluation with a detailed analysis of your home and roof

Prices DON’T include tax, installation and fees

NO 25-year warranty on labor, panels and production

Dedicated install crews with a LITTLE of experience

Tesla Powerwall Fort Worth

Site evaluation with a detailed analysis of your home and roof

Prices include tax, installation and fees

25-year warranty on labor, panels and production

Dedicated install crews with years of experience

Clean Energy Throughout Texas and Beyond

Texas Solar Group and its parent company, LA Solar Group, are growing and expanding rapidly. We currently have locations in Northern and Southern California, Nevada, and Texas. Our fast growth can be attributed to our experienced Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers, solar photovoltaic installers, and roofing contractors. We do it all, and that’s why we’re the best solar panel company around!

Tesla Powerwall San Antonio

How Powerwall works

As your panels absorb solar energy, the energy will be converted into usable electricity to power your home. Any energy that is harnessed but not used will be sent to the Powerwall system and stored as a backup. Powerwall comes with an easy to use app that allows you to control your energy reserve setting on a percentage scale, anywhere from 0-100%. Tesla recommends storing around 20% of your energy in case of outages or emergencies. In this situation, 80% of your energy would be used to power your electrical loads while the remaining percentage would be kept in reserve. Powerwall’s reserve feature allows users to customize their energy storage to fit their specific needs. Perhaps the greatest advantage of Powerwall systems is their ability to keep you off-grid. Since Powerwall stores energy, you can use your stored energy in the evening so that you no longer need to pull from the electricity grid. By remaining free of the grid, you can protect yourself from increased rates and reduce your carbon footprint.

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