Electric Car Chargers For Home

EV chargers have been redefined with the Bosch EV600 chargers. Increased power, plug-in installation with thermal monitoring, and generous cord lengths work to create an enhanced second-generation charging station from Bosch. With the ability to deliver up to 40A, Bosch EV600 chargers work with nearly all electric vehicles in North America and feature weather-resistant housing. This latest charger from Bosch is arguably one of the best chargers on the market. With electric vehicle usage climbing in recent years, it’s imperative that you invest in a charger solution. Bosch EV600 chargers are a piece of advanced technology that can revolutionize the way you charge your car. Get yours installed with Texas Solar Group.

Orange and Black EV Charger

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Bosch EV Charger

Bosch EV Charger

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Tesla Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger



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